Saturday, August 31, 2013

New Home, New State, New Everything!!

 Well, we moved on August 15th and can I tell you what an interesting day that was.  Kaylee woke up puking and it lasted all day long.  Poor Girl!!  She handled the car ride very well.  I was just grateful that it was only a two hour car ride.  Here are some pics of her leading up to the move.

Abigail was convinced that we were just on vacation and told us that we were not going to stay here.  She said her friends needed her back in Henderson.  We miss Henderson too, but we are excited for the new adventure.  Grandma and Grandpa Hardman and Great Grandma Hardman came down a week after we moved in and took us to a couple of shows at Tuacahn.  This took Abbie's mind off of the move and she suddenly decided that living here wasn't so bad.  She especially loved watching the play Mary Poppins. 

The girls have been patient with this quick move and they have loved playing in the moving boxes.

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Ashlee said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the job!!! That is so fantastic! What part of St. George are you living? I really like that area. Hope you are settling in well and I can't wait to hear more. Love you :)