Sunday, July 29, 2012

Our Craziness during the summer

We have just enjoyed being together this summer.  So we thought we would share a few pics from our adventures.
Abbie's first real haircut.  She thought she was the coolest

Her first car.  We had so much fun making the car.

Playing in the water with Aunt Chelsi.

She decided she was a turtle at the grocery

Dancing with her cousin Luke...She loves him!

Play-Doh noses

Just chilling, only as Abbie can

4th of July water fight
Building "things" with her daddy


Abbie is taking a gymnastics class and is so excited about it.  She was excited after her first class that she refused to leave after the class and started crying when we had to leave.  I am glad I have a child who is so excited about life and everything she does.

Grandma Grover

My Grandma Grover passed away this past month.  She was an outspoken woman who loved her grandchildren and her own children. 
The things I will always remember about my grandma are the following:
1.       She was a hard worker
2.       She loved her family
3.       She loved my grandpa
4.       She loved to cook and she was great at it.
5.       She loved The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
I love her for these qualities and so many others and will miss her.
We were in Utah for a whole week because of this and were able to see family and friends that we hadn’t seen in ages. 
My mom made the comment when she was holding two week old Kaylee after my grandma had passed away that, “One angel had joined us from heaven and another has gone home.”
We love you Grandma Leila Grover.  You are loved and missed, but we will see you again!

Life Continues

Abbie is such as comedian.... We love watching her everday.  She has something new to do and new to say..

This spring and summer Abbie has gotten to spend alot of time with cousins and let me tell you....She LOVES her cousins.  Kayann and her family came down during Easter and Abbie loved spending time with them.
Here are a few pictures from the Easter egg hunt.

In June, more wonderful family came to spend time her in Southern Nevada and Abbie's love for her cousins continued to grow. In fact, a couple of days before Kaylee was born this was the scene when we left her cousins.


A week after Kaylee was born Adam and Abbie headed up to his parents cabin for the weekend and Abbie loved being with her cousins.

Two weeks after Kaylee was born we made an unexpected trip to Utah and we were able to spend a week with cousins there too.  Abbie is was in heaven having cousins around for a whole month. 

We are so grateful for family and the fun times we had this summer with them.

Kaylee Vera Black

Our new little addition has been a joy for these two months.  She is named after her great grandpa Kay Lee Adams.  She has brought such a sweet spirit into our home and she is constantly smiling.
Abigail loves her new little sister so much.  Most days you will hear Abbie telling people not to touch her.  It is so fun watching Abbie with her.

Our lives have definitely changed over the past two months, but for the better...we are grateful for all the love and support from family and friends.

Abbie gets to serious when she holds her little sister.  We have to beg her to smile

The begging her to smile worked in this picture.  However, she told me that the headband look better when pulled up like it is in the picture.  Had to laugh. 

Abbie the Photographer

My little almost 3 year old Abbie has become quite the budding photographer. I love seeing the world from her point of view. She always has something to take a picture of and loves showing us the pictures she takes. She has a big interest in her new little sister Kaylee. So here's Kaylee through the eyes of Abigail Black....