Thursday, September 5, 2013


Well you can say we live in a great place for adventures.  Labor Day we explored Zion National Park. We explored the Lower Emerald Pools.  Abbie hiked the whole way and did a phenomenal job without complaining. She loved seeing the lizards, squirrels, and all the other creatures.

Kaylee just had a fun time riding on dad's back all day.  She spent most of the time blowing raspberries at people who passed by us or hitting her dad on the back of his head. 
 Beautiful sites and excited children made the adventure even more enjoyable. 

 Abigail decided to eat a whole bag of Cheetos on the trip and this explosion happened on her face.  After lunch we decided to go on the River walk trail and played in the river for an hour.  By the end our children were covered in mud, had eaten mud and sand, or were screaming  because we had to leave.  I think this was the favorite part of the trip for the girls.

By the end of our little trip the girls were tuckered out.