Saturday, August 30, 2008

And We Begin.................

As of late people have been asking my family, friends, Adam, and I the strangest questions, so we thought we would make a list of things NOT TO ASK PEOPLE. I am not going to tell you how you should answer these questions, except for one maybe. :)

1.) Are you getting pregnant soon?

2.) Isn't that food a little too rich for you?

3.) Does this make me look fat?

4.) Is your baby a boy?

5.) How much do you make?

6.) Are you new to the ward or have you been inactive?

7.) Are you sure you are not pregnant because you sure are moody?

8.) What kind of underwear do you wear?

9.) Why aren't you married yet? Is there something wrong with you?

Answer: Hi, was was your day?? Maybe the person just wanted some attention and asked a question that is highly unintelligent. It would be like you asking, "Why do you look so old?" My recommendation would be to direct them to a great article in the Ensign called "
Welcoming Every Single One" by James E. Faust. It is in the August 2007 Ensign.

10.) Never ask a Mormon the following question if they are single: Did you sleep with him?

11.) What size (pants) do you wear?

12) How much did you pay for that?

We know it sounds crazy but "BE RESPONSIBLE"!!!!! Just don't ask these questions.