Sunday, April 11, 2010

Beautiful Weather!!!!!!

The weather has been quite enjoyable this past week and we got to get outside and take a few walks.Abbie got her own pair of sunglasses and loves to wear them. She is quite hysterical to watch with them on.


The twins ready for their walk.

General Conference & Easter

General Conference and Easter fell on the same day this year and it was wonderful. How blessed we are to having living prophets to teach us about Jesus Christ and his role in our lives.
There were so many wonderful talks, but I especially noticed the ones on motherhood.

We were able to spend time with Kayann's family because they came down to Henderson for their spring break. We dyed eggs, ate lots of candy, laughed and played, and of course had an Easter egg hunt.

Sharla was loving all the candy she was getting at this Easter egg hunt.
Emma was noticing candy everywhere and she got away with quite the stash.

The picture takers deserve to be in the picture. They were so excited seeing how much fun the kids were having.

However, Sarah got away with the most candy. She was awesome at the Easter egg hunt.

And last but not least Abigail spending time with the camera and her dad's hat.

Baby Blessing--Bryanne

Morgan and Bryan Whitmore had a baby girl Bryanne back in February and we got to go up the last weekend in March to go to her blessing. Abbie loves traveling and was excited to go up and see her cousin.

Constant Smiles

We went up Saturday afternoon and spent the night at Bryan and Morgan house. Abbie, however, thought it would be hysterical to stay up most of the night. She just wanted to giggle and play. She slept the whole morning after, but Adam and I were exhausted the whole day Sunday. What a sight!!!!!
We were only able to get a few pictures, but it was a fun day seeing family.

I should post more....

Abbie has grown so much in the past few months and continues to surprise us. She loves to eat real food and will beg for it as much as she can. She loves apples, bananas, and carrots. She will tolerate other foods, but prefers those.
The end of March Adam, Abbie, and I went home to Tremonton for a few days. It was nice to see my parents and spend time with others I have seen for quite awhile.
Abbie loves people in general and loved meeting everyone. Here are a few pics from the trip.

She loved being read to by her Grandma Hardman and loved Chillin' with her cousins Jaxon and Boston.

Anytime we had a book up there she wanted you to read it.

While on the trip to Utah we found out that she loves wearing glasses and she doesn't ever pull them off her face. It's pretty darn cute!!