Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back to Christmas Eve...

I forgot to post this video earlier. It is so cute.

Adam and I couldn't figure out how to change the video to view properly.

Here is the link.

California or Bust

This past weekend we took a fun trip down to California to attend Trenton Adams (Adam's cousin) wedding. We enjoyed spending the weekend down there and enjoyed the fun memories that were made.
I was roommates with Bride's cousin Lisa Magnusson, so we spent a lot of time with the Bride's family too. We got the best of both sides.

We were so excited to test out the timer on the camera that we tried it out in the car on our way to California.

Smiles abound as these two men enjoy the evening.

Calvin, Carrie, and Spencer enjoying the evening.

Wedding line

On the way back we played two great games of miniature golf.

Difficult shot, will he make it?

No comment, words can't explain why I was beating this pole.

Morgan's awesome golf skills.

The week of Christmas!!

Oh the weather outside is frightful...
It snowed and snowed and snowed and we enjoyed every minute of it.
Christmas Day involved opening gifts, hugs, and chocolate.

Throughout the rest of the week we just had enjoyable moments with family.

Adam enjoying his new CD.

Dr. Seuss ROCKS!!

Brooklyn enjoyed her Pizza at Chuckie Cheese

The family enjoy a friendly game of skeeball

Adam and I trying to conquer virtual jump rope

I finally got to meet my new niece Olivia. YEAH!!

Amanda doing something, but not sure

Casey enjoying his ice cream!! YUM YUM

Here is a fun video from our family party.

Oh Christmas Eve.......

Wow! The time has just flown by but I wanted to post on what a fun Christmas eve we had.
The afternoon began with hot and cold flashes...Let me explain. My family loves going to Crystal Hot Springs in Honeyville, UT and we ventured over there Christmas Eve. They have these HOT, HOT, HOT Springs that are so nice to sit in on a cold wintery day. While enjoying the springs, my brother suggested going on the waterslide.
So we began our sojourn to the top of the water slide, barefoot mind you, walking over ice, salt (which was put down to melt the ice), and was accompanied by a breeze trying to kill us all.
Step after step, we went up the icicle clad stairs until finally we were all screaming at each other to go down the slide (OK, so it was just me screaming). IT WAS FREAKING COLD!!!!!!!!!! We all screamed the whole way down.

Just a note, do not jump into the Hot Springs after going down a cold water slide. Slowly acclimate yourself.
We finished off our adventure at the hot springs with Big Stick Popsicles in the middle of winter.

I wish we had pictures, but alas we don't so enjoy some of the wonderful pictures from that evening.

Every year my family acts out the Nativity Scene, so here is the annual picture.

Grandma Grover spent the evening with us and enjoyed every moment.
Adam and I took a picture with the pajama gang.
What a fun day and night!