Saturday, September 27, 2008


Yeah!!! We are so excited that we finally got our wedding pics. We just wanted to share a few of them with you!!! Enjoy!!!

This was the funniest picture, the camera man asked us to make funny faces and if you will notice only my parents and I got a little crazy. Adam's family looks great!

Seriously at this point my feet killed !!!

Monday, September 22, 2008


This past weekend Adam and I went up to BalloonaPalooza in North Las Vegas. What is BalloonaPalooza? BalloonaPalooza is a three-day hot air balloon festival at Craig Ranch Regional Park. We went on Friday night and saw the balloons glow, which a pretty cool sight to behold.

I wish we could have been there for Everclear, the circus, and all the other fun festivities, but hopefully next year we will get to see it all.

Might I also add that it was a free and fun way to get out of the house.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nose Pickers

As of late I have been highly fascinated by NOSE-PICKERS....why, you might ask? Well because most people deny that they ever pick their nose, but really WE ALL DO IT!

Here is a study I found that the University of Wisconsin did:

The researchers prepared their "Rhinotillexomania Questionnaire" and randomly mailed it to 1000 residents in Dane County, Wisconsin. Each survey included a cover letter that stated "The University of Wisconsin is conducting a survey of a common but understudied habit scientifically known as 'rhinotillexomania'. Its common name is nose-picking."

Even better, the letter actually defined what nose-picking is: "Insertion of a finger (or other object) into the nose with the intention of removing dried nasal secretions." I'll bet that you already knew that.

Can you imagine getting this survey in the mail? Even with the University's seal on the stationary, one would have to wonder whether this was a joke or not.

Now for the results (assuming that they are reliable):

Of the 1000 surveys mailed out, only 254 were completed and returned to the researchers.

  • 8.7% claim that they have never picked their nose. (In other words, they are liars or they can't remember doing it as a kid.)
  • 91% stated that they had picked their nose in the past and were still actively practicing this habit. Yet, only 49.2% of the respondents actually thought that nose-picking was common in adults.
  • 9.2% rate their pickin' as "more than average."
  • 25.6% actually pick their noses daily, 22.3% do it 2 to 5 times each day, and three people admitted to doing it at least hourly.
  • 55.5% spent 1-5 minutes, 23.5% spent 5-15 minutes, and 0.8% (2 people) spent 15-30 minutes each day cleaning their nostrils. One lone soul claims to devote over 2 hours each day to this ritual.
  • 18% reported nosebleeds, while 0.8% claimed perforation of the nasal septum from their nose-picking.
  • 82.8% had picked their noses to "unclog the nasal passages", 66.4% had done it to relieve discomfort or itchiness, 35.7% to avoid the unsightly appearance of a booger hanging from their nose, 34.0% for personal hygiene, and 17.2% picked out of habit. 2.1% (five people) claimed to pick solely for enjoyment.
  • 65.1% use their index finger, 20.2% use their pinky, and 16.4% use their thumb (must have BIG nostrils to fit a thumb in) as their instrument of choice.
  • Most people (90.3%) disposed of the goop in a tissue or a handkerchief, while 28.6% used the floor, and 7.6% stuck it to the furniture.
  • 8% of the respondents actually ate the end product. In case you are thinking of trying this delicacy, the study claims that the pickings are quite tasty (salty).
So, what have we learned from this groundbreaking study?

First, we now have positive proof that picking one's nose is almost a universally practiced custom, although most won't admit to it.

Second, boogers apparently taste good, although I can guarantee to you that I will never do the taste testing to find out.


Wedding Photos

Well, I must say that it has been almost seven great weeks since our wedding date and still we have not received our wedding photos back from the photographer. So if any of you lovely people out there have any photos from our wedding and would like to send them our way we would be ecstatic. However, as soon as we do get the photos you can be sure there will be a POST going on.