Thursday, February 18, 2010

Just some from pictures from January

I haven't posted in forever and Abbie is growing up so fast. She loves to turn over from her stomach to her belly because she hates being on her stomach. We even got her a tummy time mat to bribe her to lay on her stomach and yet again she turns over to avoid being on her stomach.
She loves sitting up and standing up and is a JOY to be around. Here are some fun pictures from this past month.

Can you tell I am excited that we got her into her new swimming suit We went swimming for FHE and she was stiff as a board while in the water.

One of the few moments when she didn't scream while on her belly. :)

She met her new cousin this past weekend. She is three times Bryann's size. Aren't they both adorable!!

NO SHE IS NOT WEARING LIPSTICK!! She just really likes strawberry topping on cheesecake. Her Grandpa Black shared with her.

Eating rice cereal for the first time and loving it. She would shrill for more when I wasn't paying attention!!!