Sunday, October 27, 2013


Abigail was taking swimming lessons and swam into the wall and lo and behold...she got cut and had to have poor girl.

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Well you can say we live in a great place for adventures.  Labor Day we explored Zion National Park. We explored the Lower Emerald Pools.  Abbie hiked the whole way and did a phenomenal job without complaining. She loved seeing the lizards, squirrels, and all the other creatures.

Kaylee just had a fun time riding on dad's back all day.  She spent most of the time blowing raspberries at people who passed by us or hitting her dad on the back of his head. 
 Beautiful sites and excited children made the adventure even more enjoyable. 

 Abigail decided to eat a whole bag of Cheetos on the trip and this explosion happened on her face.  After lunch we decided to go on the River walk trail and played in the river for an hour.  By the end our children were covered in mud, had eaten mud and sand, or were screaming  because we had to leave.  I think this was the favorite part of the trip for the girls.

By the end of our little trip the girls were tuckered out.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Exploring!!! Such Fun!

 Today we decided on this Labor Day weekend to start our explorations of St. George.  We decided to head up to Pioneer Park where there is a home built into the Sandstone Cliffs.  It's pretty awesome folks.  The girls had a fun time exploring the little coves and caves in the rock. 

Abbie took this beautiful picture and I think she did a great job.

 They had a bridge on top of the rocks that lead to an overlook.  It overlooked the whole valley.  It was a beautiful view and we enjoyed it immensely.
Adam is holding Kaylee up so high because she was trying to get down and since we didn't want her to do any cliff jumping we had to hold her up high. 

This is the inside of the home build into the rock.  It had a chimney at the back of the cave.  The picture below show Abbie and Adam standing near it.

We hope you are all having a fantastic Labor Day Weekend.

New Home, New State, New Everything!!

 Well, we moved on August 15th and can I tell you what an interesting day that was.  Kaylee woke up puking and it lasted all day long.  Poor Girl!!  She handled the car ride very well.  I was just grateful that it was only a two hour car ride.  Here are some pics of her leading up to the move.

Abigail was convinced that we were just on vacation and told us that we were not going to stay here.  She said her friends needed her back in Henderson.  We miss Henderson too, but we are excited for the new adventure.  Grandma and Grandpa Hardman and Great Grandma Hardman came down a week after we moved in and took us to a couple of shows at Tuacahn.  This took Abbie's mind off of the move and she suddenly decided that living here wasn't so bad.  She especially loved watching the play Mary Poppins. 

The girls have been patient with this quick move and they have loved playing in the moving boxes.

What A Whirlwind

I cannot say that I was the most stressed out person alive this summer because I am sure many other people have trials that far surpass mine. However, for me, this summer was EXTREMELY STRESSFUL.
This past year has been a wonderful year.  I was able to stay home with my two beauties.  They are full of life and teach me so much more each day that I could have ever learned working in an office environment.
 As I said this summer was stressful and we have been looking for  a job to support our family for the past year and Adam has been trying finish his thesis at the same time.   I have been job searching for Adam this past year and we were getting interviews, but no takers.  It was decided we were going to move in with my parents until the right job came along so that we didn't spend any more money on rent.  We had four interviews three weeks before we moved and we hoped and prayed that it would all work out. 
We had two job interviews in St. George that we felt great about.  However, one company emailed and said we just weren't the right fit, I was so distraught after this news. 
We continued our packing and decided to make the best of the situation.  We were almost all packed up on August 2nd (which was our anniversary).  I had gone to a presidency meeting when Adam called and said he had been offered the other job in St. George, UT.  I was so relieved. 
I know this was a tender mercy that Heavenly Father provided.  I also know he doesn't bless us according to our time tables, but according to his.  I was grateful he blessed at the right time.
My stress level has gone down and I feel at peace.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Abbie got married last weekend at church

Apparently I missed my own daughter's wedding.  She announced after church that she got married to a boy in her class.  I guess that makes me a bad mom.  I just can't imagine my three year old getting married already.  Oh well, I guess I will make the next "real" wedding. Boy how time flies. 



I have to tell you.  That I loved Mother's Day.  My girls spoiled me with love with the help of their daddy.  I am grateful for these two fun girls in my life.
 I am also grateful for my mom and my mother-in-law.  They are both beautiful women inside and out who have made an impact on many peoples lives.  I love them and am grateful for them.