Saturday, September 11, 2010


Every time I turn around she is finding new things: Pots and Pans, books to rip apart, toys to kiss and hug. She is growing so fast and is such a joy to be with.

Here are a few pictures of her adventures.

Just took out her pigtails and boy has she got some crazy hair!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Mom and Dad came down for a weekend and gave her this cute dress! She was so excited to have visitors!!!

Utah in August

I wish I had taken some pictures to post, but we were able to spend sometime in Utah with my family. My older sister came down with her children and we were able to spend a few days playing. We went to LAGOON and I got soaking wet on the first ride, but it was totally worth it.
We also got to see Brant and Mandy and my mom and dad and I loved every minute with each of them.

My Favorite Picture Ever

My Two Favorite people and they look so much like each other!!!!!!!!!!!!

July-----Family, Cabin, Relaxing!!

Now to the posting---In July we were able to spend a few days with all of Adam's family in Kolob, Utah at their cabin. It was nice to relax and just enjoy time together.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Abbie at 10 months

She has grown so much the past few months and I have been such a slacker posting anything. I am going to try and catch up in the next few days, but here is a preview.