Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oregon Trip

Adam and I left on July 3rd for this adventure. It was a 20 hour car trip up, but worth every minute.
The first day we spent in Klamath Falls, Oregon and were able to see everyone there. It was July 4th so we were able to go down to the park and see some fun fireworks and spend time with family.

We then left on Friday and spent the rest of the week in Depoe Bay, Oregon. It was beautiful!!! We visited the Aquarium, Sea Lion Caves, Lighthouses, did some whale-watching and just spent some much need quality time with family.

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Dave and Krisha said...

you look so cute pregnant! and congrats! Isn't Depo Bay the best!! It is one of my favorite spots on the planet! I hope labor and delivery isn't quite as dramatic as you drempt! I wanted to cuss at my nurses a few times, but thought I had pretty good restraint! Good luck!-K